Tecniplant presents its innovations at Lineapelle templates


ecniplant, Elche company specialized in the manufacturing of templates for all types of footwear, with more than 25 years of experience, is involved between 11-13 March at Lineapelle, one of the most important international events components for the footwear sector held in Bologna (Italy)

Tecniplant display at Lineapelle its innovative range of removable insoles In-Out, developed under scientific criteria and biomechanical, from top quality materials and technologies at the service of comfort. This collection is composed 6 categories, all designed to meet the needs of the various segments of the poblacion:


-Templates In-Out antifrio: plant removable flexible with thick layer of sheepskin 100% wool. Highlights the excellent thermal properties of the materials used. The natural warmth of wool in the foot contact helps to assure the comfort temperature. The combined extra latex comfort layer along with the rubber with anti-slip drawing Cup creates an efficient system that absorbs impacts as well as prevent the template to move on the inside of the shoe. Finally the aluminum layer prevents cold to reach the plant of the foot, helping to keep body heat.

-Templates In-Out multisport: the sport requires a proper technical staff, to distribute the burdens and pressures of the body. The new In-Out Multisport, adaptable to any type of sport, is designed into next-generation, high-performance materials. The first layer is made in technical foam, material durability and maximum smoothness, buffered from impacts and absorbs moisture. Intermediate layer of high density, with properties anti-fatigue gel, great cushioning, antibacterial and odour. Ergonomic semi-rigid arch which contributes to increase the stability of the foot in complicated supports very frequent physical activity, complemented by micro-urethane, material of extraordinary ability absorbs impacts and smart recovery technology, ensuring maximum comfort for the lifetime template

-Templates In-Out Super confort: template anti-fatigue of high density foam with open cells which provide a total ventilationspeeding up the qualities of moisture absorption, combined with layer of latex gel buffer of impacts and silver ions that provide a barrier of antibacterial and fungicidal. It has superior fiber lining 100% breathable last generation with absorption capacity of 8 times its weight in water. Its thermoregulatory effect helps keep feet dry and cool. Maximum flexibility and comfort to the foot during the life of the template.

-Templates In-Out Shock Absorber: maximum comfort technology developments made reality in a template. Elaborate technical foam of last generation, material generated expansion with nitrogen at high pressure, resulting in a uniform cell structure, which gives the template a plus in soft, damping impacts, and moisture absorption. The second layer of the template is made of high-density anti-fatigue of open-cell foam, brings a total ventilation and accelerates the qualities of breathability, absorption and antibacterial, avoiding the smell. Complemented with micro-urethane, extraordinary capacity material absorbs impacts and smart recovery technology, ensuring maximum comfort for the lifetime template.

-In-Out templates Radiant: templates removable seats can be adapted to all types of footwear; labour, sport, casual, home... etc. They provide an efficient instant heat from your system based on a thickness of 100 micrometers, high conductivity flexible heaters, on a plastic substrate, and electrically isolated under different flexible layers. He has thermal cell, lithium-ion battery of high autonomy (maximum power: 1800 W/m2), layer of anti-fatigue of micro-urethane shock absorb Retriever, tecnifibra thermoregulatory breathable layer, semi-rigid arch ergonomic that it provides great stability, and woven engineer Ultratex extraresistente and flexible. Maximum temperature 54 - 70 ° C

-Templates In-Out eco: maximum comfort without environmental impact. Removable floor for extraordinary comfort and durability, highly biodegradable. Exclusively made of natural materials, free of chemical components. It has 3 layers, the first is made in plagliafex, novel natural tissue resulting from the combination of a 70% cotton 30% linen. Layer intermediate LaTeX extra-confort and absorbs impacts. Final coat of Gea comfort 600, natural fabric made from kenaf, wool and corn fibers.

should be noted that all Tecniplant In-Out templates are available in assembled version, toe bevel for easy attaching to the shoe manufacturer's.

Tecniplant combines artisan tradition and experience learned over 2 generations, with the r & d of next-generation, thus from the most basic to the most sophisticated and technology templates, covering the entire spectrum of the market with a very high quality product.