Tecniplant offers footwear manufacturers their instruction labels on all your templates


Tecniplant, Elche company specialized in the manufacturing of templates for all types of footwear, puts at the disposal of its clients, both mounted as removable insoles, their product labels explaining in detail each technology patented by Tecniplant.

Label is a fundamental part of the product, because it serves to identify it, describe it, differentiate it, provide a service to the customer, and of course, also to comply with the laws, rules or regulations established for each industry or sector. It is a detail that adds value and in many cases it depends on the decision to purchase the property, as Paco Underhill quotes in the book "why we buy? The science of Shopping": '7 of every 10 consumers take their purchase decision at the point of sale'.

Conscious of the importance of good labelling, Tecniplant helps this call sign detail, footwear manufacturers in order to help attract the attention of the buyer and give you all the information so it can properly select product at the point of sale.

From a strong investment in r & d, Tecniplant is reinventing the traditional template concept, revolutionizing the footwear components sector, by having innovative technology reporting to the user an experience of comfort 2.0.