More progress on I+D textile


the project sustainable Habitat will investigate smart materials to create more comfortable environments. In textile, Aitex is carrying out the development of fabrics with unimaginable properties.

Among others, Aitex works in the development of woven sensors CO alert with the effect of electro-luminescent in a shade of danger, bedspreads programmable bizonales heated according to the temperature required by the user, fabric spray for environments of interior and new fabrics that allow a greater or lesser incidence of Sun in the interior of the home according to the needs.

The application of new materials and intelligent systems to increase comfort efficiently through continuous learning about human habits is the ambitious proposal to research that drives the unit's cooperation strategy for the Habitat of the Valencian Community (Unit Habitat).

La Hábitat Unit is composed of the construction technology Institute (AIDICO), the technological Institute of furniture, wood, packaging and (AIDIMA), the technological Institute of optics, Color and image (AÍDO), the technological textile Institute (AITEX) and the Institute of technology (ITC) ceramic.

These five technology centres are developing new designs and solutions for the improvement of the environmental comfort, thermal, luminous aspects and quality of the air, through the interaction of smart materials and sustainable solutions for domestic and public environments within the r & d project "sustainable Habitat: development and integration of solutions for the improvement of environmental comfort", funded by the Valencian Institute of business competitiveness (IVACE) and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund)ERDF).


image: using wireless communication device Protocol XBee planned for the development of ambient intelligence for the project sustainable Habitat system.

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