The new fabric of carbon TeXtreme can save millions


this fiberglass fabric from Sweden only carbon could considerably reduced the weight of the aircraft, achieving a considerable fuel saving at the same time contributing to a greener world.

TeXtreme is a new carbon fabric produced using the distribution in rows instead of clusters as it has been conventionally in the textile reinforcements for thousands of years. Unlike conventional textile reinforcements, TeXtreme allows weight savings that any composite reinforcement can reach, and even less the metals.

a conservative replacement for traditional TeXtreme current materials, for example, on all panels of aircraft composite material, could reduce the weight of the aircraft to achieve fuel savings potential of more than 43,000,000 euros per year for the 20 most important Airlines of today.

The reduction of CO2 emissions, resulting from the weight of this caliber savings are huge--matching the number of laps the world posted in flight miles - 1,000,000.

Carbon fiber and other composite material reinforcements already used in the aerospace industry and a wide range of other markets in which it is required the need to reduce the weight of the components. A composite material is formed by a combination of materials, for example textile reinforcements integrated into plastics. Carbon fiber is one of the best reinforcements available for the creation of products of low weight with good mechanical properties in stiffness and strength.

TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fiber reinforcements are used in Formula 1, the America's Cup, advanced aerospace applications and various products, sporting goods like bicycles, etc.

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Source: Pinkermoda