AEC is involved in the CYMS2020 project


Spanish 2020 sustainable fashion and footwear platform

opening of the process of registration to the courses "Spanish sustainable fashion" and "Opportunities for business and employment in the sector of fashion and sustainable footwear".

The Federation of industries of the footwear Spanish, within the framework of the Empleaverde programme of the biodiversity Foundation, and with the collaboration of Panama Jack, CTCR (central technology of the footwear of La Rioja), INESCOP (footwear Spanish Institute and related activities), FITEX (textile Innovation Foundation) and AEC (Spanish Association of business components for footwear) have launched a program of free performances (CYMS2020) co-financed by the European Social Fund, in relation to the environment in the sectors of footwear and Spanish fashion.

More information at the following link: CYMS2020

Between these actions, run by FICE training courses "Spanish sustainable fashion" and "Opportunities for business and employment in the sector of fashion and sustainable footwear".

Sustainable fashion provides entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs the opportunity to find a niche market that favours an opportunity to generate employment. Cases of success of the sector in Spain and in the rest of the world ensure that the adoption of sustainable practices allow gain competitive advantage, increase the share in certain markets, and improve the value of the company for the owners. But it is also evident that the adoption of practices, strategies and tools that promote sustainability is complex and should be accompanied by training efforts and communications.

The current model in Spain of fashion production consumes the natural resources of the planet at a furious pace. Increasingly are more popular among the world's major brands tools of analysis of the life cycle of the product allowing you to mitigate its environmental impact. These data management systems help to measure and track the impacts of products marketed to the end of its useful life. This includes design processes and materials that are used, with the purpose of promoting sustainability.

The aim of the courses is the training of workers, unemployed, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and businessmen belonging to SMEs of the Spanish fashion and footwear industry (with special attention to the collective priority set out in the call for the EmpleaVerde program, both in relation to the concept "sustainable fashion", and with the promotion of the identification of business opportunities and the creation of sustainable SMEs in such sectors.

Free actions co-financed by the ESF.

Targeting assets of SMEs and professional workers related to the environmental sector freelancers that develop their activity in the industry of footwear in Spain.

From AEC we want to launch an information session on the project, we will inform them. For more information please contact us by calling the 965.460.158, or through our website

source: Footwear Components From Spain