II Business Forum AEC

· date: 15/10/13
· place: AEC
BCE · Description: on this occasion will count with the presence and participation of active technicians of the multinational company SGS, leader world leader in inspection, verification, testing, testing, and certification at level global.
Together with them, will deal with the issues affecting companies in certification and others such as tax deductions of the samples in the taxes from societies, a theme which starts with the detection of the reached level of technological innovation, and in determining the costs of the preparation of the samples are deductible.

today and according to collect in the La Ley 23/2005, from November 18, reforms in tax matters for the promotion of productivity, in his article first (modification of the text revised from the law of tax), determined in point 2, the possibility of including the samples of industries textile and footwear within the concept of technological innovation. Subsequently, law 4/2008 extends the list, including the samples of the industry of leather tanning, leather goods, toy, furniture and wood.

this way and since AEC will give response to their specific needs, following the conclusion of this second business forum, which will take place at our headquarters Elche Park business, C/Severo Ochoa, 42 - 1st floor, the next Tuesday 15 October 2013 at 9:30.

If you want you can contact us by calling the 965.460.158 and will inform you personally, more information at

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