removable flexible plant

removable flexible plant, special cold with thick layer of 100% wool fleece. Highlights the excellent thermal properties of the materials used. The natural warmth of wool in the foot contact helps achieve temperature comfort. The combined extra latex comfort layer next to the layer of rubber with anti-slip drawing (prevents the template to move on the inside of the shoe) creates an effective system absorbs impacts. Finally the aluminum layer prevents the cold to reach the plant of the foot, helping to keep body heat.


1.- 100% wool: warm and natural. Breathable.

2- Sewn to the Rhombus: dimensional stability.

3.- Rubber, with engraved slip.

4- Latex absorbs impacts.

5- reflects body heat.

6- Prevents the cold to reach the sole of the foot.

7- materials selected for their high flexibility, facilitate the natural flexibility of the foot.

8- Coverage of rubber, with drawing, engraving anti-slip, prevents the plant to move on the inside of the shoe.