Thirty Spanish companies of footwear components submit their fashion collections in France


thirty companies of the Spanish Association of components and machinery for footwear (AEC), 80% of them in the province of Alicante, participating in trade fairs Le Cuir and Mod'Amont held from 17 to 19 September in Paris. see list of companies

fairs Paris and ModAmont Cuir held part of PREMIERE VISION PLURIELa great showcase encompassing several competitions interrelated as Expofil, Première Vision, Le Cuir a Paris, Indigo, Mod'Amont and Zoom by Fatex.
Spanish participation focuses on Cuir a Paris (Hall 3), a room showing the novelties of leathers, textiles, leathers and components while that Mod'Amont (Hall 4) is focused on accessories and trimmings.

The participation of Spanish companies of the components in these competitions is important because France is one of the main markets for the industry.

At present, the average consumption of the French reached 5.7 pairs of shoes a year, with an average unit cost close to 26 euros.

source: Footwear Components From Spain