The foot problems are one of the main causes of falls in the elderly


feet problems are one of the causes of falls in the elderly, which is one of the "most important" geriatric problems, since "put at risk elders health causing injury, disability, or even worse consequences", according to warns the illustrious official College of podiatrists of the Valencia (ICOPCV) in a statement.

the most common pathologies in the elderly are bunions, claw and flattening of the foot fingers. Therefore, notes is "fundamental" to go to the Podiatrist to detect possible anomalies and deformities in the foot that may hinder the ambulation before generating major complication, properly cut the nails which over the years can increase its thickness and cause discomfort with walking, remove the calluses and corns.

in addition, where necessary, advisable to protect bony prominences and deformities of the feet with the use of silicone brace or the preparation of templates, to avoid the pain with movement that could alter the March and increase instability. The use of templates in the elderly can provide a more stable, devoid of discomfort and comfortable gear.

from the ICOPCV it is recommended to use shoes that hold well the foot with laces or Velcro, which have non-slip soles and allow the natural transpiration. Also avoid shoes with worn soles, heels, chancleta, or loose shoe.

also points out that as it is very common that your feet swell and footwear press along day, the use of shoes made of special materials, Lycra and foams that yield is recommended. In what refers to stockings and socks, we recommend using them cotton and discard synthetic fibers, because they do not favour the transpiration and increase sweating.

Finally, it is important that older people do not use socks or stockings with seams, leagues or socks with superior elastic tightened, to impede or obstruct the venous return are cause of peripheral edema or patched.