Textile cosmetics: beauty is on the inside


are becoming more firms that invest in the research of new textile cosmetics applied to lingerie and bath. We know the latest innovations in this sense.

The first generation of textile cosmetics, based on traditional textile structures, developed through the new comfortable knitted fabrics or fabrics that functioned like a second skin. The second generation of textile cosmetic added to these tissue structures and innovative buildings that provide properties such as the of the micro-massage.

textil cosmetico

image interfilière's Paris: Cosmetotex Tiles c Scult Slim Culotte Lytess

now, the bathroom and the intimate market announces the arrival of the third generation of textile cosmetic: textile assets with microcapsules integrated into fibre and bio-active textiles which, for example, incorporate mineral oxides with many enriching properties for the skin. All offer effects and corrective benefits in terms of comfort and fit, and increasingly are most popular among users and users.



firms that are more investing in researching this type of textiles applied to the lingerie and bath cosmetics include Skin-Up, RBC Blondel, Liebaert, Sofileta, Piave Maitex, and lace. Representatives of these companies were present at the January issue of interfilière's Paris to explain, within forum dedicated to Textiles, cosmetics, their latest innovations in this field.

* Read the report in full: magazine Pinker fashion N.342. P. 26.

Source: Pinkermoda