Running Revolution


in recent years, numerous technology firms and research institutes have been a radical shift to textiles and clothing, providing a dose of avant-garde that is well worth an investment.

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one of the segments in which more technology innovations have been incorporated is the sportswear, especially in the sector of the running.

Juan Carlos González, Director of market innovation in clothing of the Institute of biomechanics of Valencia (IBV), presents some of the latest innovations which, in your view, are revolutionizing this industry.

tells us, one of the most important trends is directed towards the integration of flexible electronic sensors in the tissues to monitor the body's response during the race. Measure heart rate, blood pressure, calories burnt, etc. New technologies allow to analyze these data in different devices such as watches, music players, gps and Smartphone.

other innovations go beyond and create an oasis in the field of medicine. MC10, a startup in Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently announced, for example, the launch of a sports cap from Reebok that will measure the impacts, fighting the concussions and other injuries.

there are also new trends based on nanotechnologies that allow the clothing to generate power thanks to walking of the person, their breath or even the beating of the heart. These tissues convert mechanical energy into electrical through flexible fibers coated with nanowires. The development of this technology could develop footwear and garments in electrical generators capable of loading elements portable with battery or implant doctors - designated Juan Carlos.

other technologies are running towards multilayer clothing that incorporate textiles with new functionalities, surface finishes and membrane technologies thermoregulators that improve the microclimate of the user and therefore your comfort, even against rays UV. protediendolo

compression garments are also in vogue: favor the venous return, while reducing the buildup of toxins that increase the oxygenation of the muscles. This better oxygenation reduces the possibility of cramps and muscle damage, allowing you to perform high impact sessions more prolonged and less fatigue.

for those running without music is unthinkable, there are multiple garments that incorporate media connection to devices to listen to music on the market. For those who practice the cult of the body, there are many brands working in specially created clothing to reduce weight, attack the cellulite, etc

source: Pinkermoda