Positive balance of the EGF Plan of support to the footwear


in the year 2012, Extrusax offered some data processing annual aluminum of about 13,000 tons. The high quality of the work done has made this company to increase its production figures gradually and in six years, since its inception, enjoys a high international positioning. "Production needs soar above all in summer and it is here where we have prepared people to incorporate, almost with certainty that most of them, if they show their worth, may be part of the template", explains Garcia. Omar, was one of the users of the EGF who participated in the summer campaign. It explains how it changed their occupation as sanding of high heels in the footwear sector supervisor of aluminum profiles: "I went through several roles before becoming a supervisor, we receive a training theoretical, but above all practical and suitable to the site we were going to deal with".

finally four people today, continue working on Extrusax. Among them, José Manuel, who after his work as a Cutter in the footwear sector apprentice die in the cigar, is satisfied and grateful for this opportunity. "The important thing is to work and formed feel to be able to do your job right. Although this work is very different than it did before, I quite like", says Manuel José.

Marian Cano, Secretary General of the Valencian Association of footwear, Avecal, explains that practices training "is one of the hallmarks of the Plan and meets the objective to match the demands of the companies with the training of workers, what makes that this Plan will become an important strategic instrument in active employment policy".

after a year and a half of working together with unions CCOO and UGT and the Servef, and six-month view of the completion of the EGF aid Plan to the footwear, Avecal, made a positive assessment of the objectives achieved so far, both the index of employability, where you have transacted over one hundred applications for employment, which is 40% of the users assigned to the planhow the number of training initiatives put in place, which are encrypted in more than fifty and relating both to the retraining of professional within the footwear sector, as well as training in other sectors, and the support and training of entrepreneurs which has resulted in six new projects.

experience in Extrusax is an example of practical training that within a few days will follow from the leader in spices and seasonings of great experience and business prestige: Carmencita. A new opportunity to meet specific demands for employment which will start with a learning program tailored for the needs of the company and will culminate with the reintegration of more users.

the footwear of the EGF Assistance Plan is subject to an investment of 2.5 million euros in training and re-entry into the labour market until the month of March 2014 and is financed by European funds through European adjustment fund to globalization and by the Generalitat Valenciana through the Servef which provides 35% of the project.

Source: Dircal