EUROFIT Portal: first results


European project Eurofit, anthropometric measurement, in which participates the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia, published its first results and confirms its validity until may 2014.

The European project Eurofit is creating a digital platform dedicated to the measurement of the human body from its three-dimensional scanning. Designers and the manufacturers should get there information useful to their work. Companies with databases of this kind should also exchange their data.


in the middle of this year it was already held in Luxembourg a meeting of all stakeholders in the field of Anthropometry, which met and approved the first results of the project which, for now, will last until may 2014. You end up with a period of 4 months dedicated to the demonstration of the results.

technical project partners is the Institute of biomechanics of Valencia, along with the German company Human Solutions, probably of greater experience of this sector; among their applicators is the Spanish firm Iturri.

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source: Pinkermoda