Momad Metropolis organizers reflect

2013-09-13 Momad Metropolis the organizers of the event are shown to be satisfied on the balance of the first edition of the international exhibition of textile, footwear and accessories. As they say, 17,000 professional buyers visited the fair. According to the official data, in total, during his three days of celebration, the event (...)

Momad Metropolis closes its first edition with some 12,000 visitors

2013-09-09 Momad Metropolis 2013, textile, footwear and accessories salon which held its first edition, this year at IFEMA yesterday closed its doors with about 12,000 visitors. a few visitors who have passed these days by the 16,000 square metres occupied by the salon Momad Metropolis in IFEMA, for collections of textile, (...)

The Spanish companies of footwear increased its exports by 12.4% the first half of this year, as reported by the employer's sector FICE

2013-09-07 According to the Federation of industries of the Spanish footwear (FICE), exports during the first six months of 2013 have reached the 1.154 million euros exceeding the figure slightly 2001.La EU record is the main buyer. France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and United Kingdom top the list of major destinations.Greater (...)

Running Revolution

2013-08-27 Confederación española de la moda in recent years, numerous technology firms and research institutes have been a radical shift to textiles and clothing, providing a dose of avant-garde that is well worth an investment. one of the segments in which more technology innovations have been incorporated is the sportswear, especially in the sector of the (...)


2013-08-27 FUTURMODA the International Salon of skin and components for footwear and leather goods, will be give appointment on 23 and 24 October in the Institución Ferial Alicantina - IFA, a space of reference at the international level, where the supply of components for the season autumn winter 2014 (...)