Positive balance of the EGF Plan of support to the footwear

2013-10-02 in the year 2012, Extrusax offered some data processing annual aluminum of about 13,000 tons. The high quality of the work done has made this company to increase its production figures gradually and in six years, since its inception, enjoys a high international positioning. "Production needs soar above all (...)

Smart templates will help to buy shoes online

2013-10-02 Researchers at the University of Valencia and other research centres in the region are working on the creation of intelligent templates that help users to reduce the effects of diseases such as diabetes, and find the right combination of shoes and insoles. So they use different computer advances, such (...)

Begins Milano Moda Donna

2013-09-18 Milano Moda Donna Milan fashion week begins today, 18 September, to show six days the best of Italian fashion design through more than 74 parades and presentations. Milan Fashion Week, with its two annual editions, is the most important meeting between designers and buyers of the ready-to-wear fashion industry. Once more, the National Chamber (...)

Dornbirn Man Made Fibers Congress brings together 700 participants

2013-09-17 from 11 to 13 September was held in Dornbirn the 52nd Edition of textile Congress Dornbirn Man Made Fibers, international chemical fibers Conference. Is one of the major textile conferences worldwide, and evidence of this is that brought together more than 700 participants from 26 countries, among them Spain. During the (...)

Thirty Spanish companies of footwear components submit their fashion collections in France

2013-09-13 thirty companies of the Spanish Association of components and machinery for footwear (AEC), 80% of them in the province of Alicante, participating in trade fairs Le Cuir and Mod'Amont held from 17 to 19 September in Paris. see list of companies fairs Paris and ModAmont Cuir held part (...)