AEC 2014 calendar

2013-12-18 18-12 - 13 as usual, from AEC annually edit the annual calendar of the international fairs of the sector, a query tool essential for all entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector, to both by your design on paper or digital put at your disposal to be AEC partners. If you want (...)

Exports of Spanish footwear beat the record achieved in 2001, according to the Federation of industries of the Spanish footwear (FICE)

2013-12-18 Las exportaciones de calzado español baten el récord histórico conseguido en 2001, según la Federación de Industrias del Calzado Español (FICE) Exports reached the 1.0809 million euros from January to September of this year. This figure represents an increase of 10% over the record of 2001. This figure represents an increase of 11%, 60% higher than the growth of total exports from Spain (+ 6.8%). The EU is the main (...)

New Convention industry negotiated by AEC.

2013-12-17 Convention industry lasts, heels, flats, plants and plastic for the period 2013-2015   Monday, December 2, 2013 was published the new text of the Convention in the industry of lasts, heels, flats, plants and wedges of plastic for the period 2013-2015, negotiated by AEC in quality of employer and they belong (...)

The footwear sector promises in Russia

2013-12-17 Calzado analysts predict that in the next three years the footwear in Russia market will continue to grow apace to add a figure close to the 29.180 million euros in 2015. according to the Russian news portal Retail.Ru, in 2012, the business volume of the footwear in Russia market rebounded 12% (...)

EUROFIT Portal: first results

2013-12-17 Eurofit European project Eurofit, anthropometric measurement, in which participates the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia, published its first results and confirms its validity until may 2014. The European project Eurofit is creating a digital platform dedicated to the measurement of the human body from its three-dimensional scanning. Designers and the manufacturers (...)