New Convention industry negotiated by AEC.

Convention industry lasts, heels, flats, plants and plastic for the period 2013-2015

Monday, December 2, 2013 was published the new text of the Convention in the industry of lasts, heels, flats, plants and wedges of plastic for the period 2013-2015, negotiated by AEC in quality of employer and they belong to many companies in the Sector components and machinery for footwear and leather goods.
after the agreements reachedthe Association has managed to print a major change in the content of the legal text, updating it to the real needs of the sector. This Convention, which mostly dragged their early obsolescence, has enabled the new negotiations, that optimal conditions are achieved to ensure the continuity of the industry of the sector.

in this context, both employers AEC and the Central Trade Union UGT and CC.OO. they have done significant work in order to adapt the text of the Convention to the current legislation and reach, among others, the following agreements:

  1. Convention update.
  2. Extension of the extension of the work organization, in which special refers to the fixing of new normal yields required work, at rates of waste and quality, the implementation of systems of incentives and productivity.
  3. Expansion of the workday at 1800 hours the matching it to the sector of footwear.
  4. Elimination of the days of own affairs, looking exclusively for fixed template on personnel, from 5 days to 3 days of own affairs and not freely available for 2013 and beyond only 2 days.
  5. Flexibility of the day: the company can be distributed irregularly throughout the year the ten per cent of the working day annually, equivalent to (180 hours a year), distributed weekly from Monday to Friday, according to the number of annual work hours.
  6. Overtime: reduced to the indispensable minimum overtime, adjusting its use in accordance with the criteria of necessity and production company.
  7. Salary increase: approved a wage increase of 0.6% without review and without retroactive effect.
  8. Antique. During the period between 1-1-2010 and up to the signing of this agreement, workers may not consolidate any three years or five years derived from this period and therefore the economic perception that corresponds to them. From 01-01-2014 the Plus of antique consist a staff complement of antiquity with maximum of 5 triennia 4% each of them on the basis of 12€.
  9. The disciplinary system is incorporated into the text of the Convention.
  10. Approve new wage tables for the period to 2013 and the year 2014.

AEC in turn will provide counselling service in the interpretation of the agreement to their companies. The Negotiating Committee of the Convention is the consultative body of the companies, whose presidency and secretariat holds it ACS - the Spanish Association of companies of components and machinery for footwear and leather goods.