Momad Metropolis closes its first edition with some 12,000 visitors


Momad Metropolis 2013, textile, footwear and accessories salon which held its first edition, this year at IFEMA yesterday closed its doors with about 12,000 visitors.

a few visitors who have passed these days by the 16,000 square metres occupied by the salon Momad Metropolis in IFEMA, for collections of textile, footwear and accessories displayed by more than 1,300 brands for next spring/summer 2014.

as fair overall balance, can we talk about satisfaction widespread among the exhibitors by the number and quality of visitors received. In terms of aspects to improve future issues facing, it may be necessary to reinforce the signage and the appropriate indicators to guide visitors to the Pavilion 4, separated from the main pavilions, as well as towards the area of showrooms.

In terms of the productivity of the event, notably that some 60 companies participated in meetings with foreign buyers from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, France, Portugal and Italy.

Momad Retail
along with sample commercial, the Organization prepared a programme of parallel activities staged by the Forum of knowledge and information Momad Retail, and exposure on the track of the stars. Best-seller, which was a real deployment occupying almost half canopy with all its brands participated in that Forum: ONLY, VERO MODA, JACK JONES,...; its Andrés Contreras commercial Director, in his lecture on the future of the textile distribution in Spain, conveyed positive inputs to multi-brand channel.

The actors of this channel advised them to not go to price but service; working with few brands but strong alliances; and that if, at year end, a mark does not work them to change, not to follow only for nostalgia

also encouraged them to invest in your business (paint, showcase, corner of brands; be changing...), and not obsessed with competition. He spoke of the need that the owner is also in the shop (not just Manager), give an orientation to the settlement to create a brand of the store; create own website and sell online with the option of collecting in store; and innovate at the point of sale with concrete and affordable actions to attract public (such as hiring a Dj for a few hours).

Contreras also said that should encourage the employee and lose the fear of failure, because it prevents do things. In short, the idea is to offer added value to the consumer.

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source: Pinkermoda