Legal experts analyzed in Avecal the benefits of the new law of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs of footwear


Experts of the Garriges lawyers law firms and tax advisors and Pomares-Abogados have participated today in the Shoes and Breakfast appointment with the paper "Fiscal of the new law on entrepreneurs and their repercussion on the shoe company and commercial aspects". The appointment has invited a large number of footwear businessmen associated with Avecal.

the Association of Valencia of entrepreneurs of footwear (AVECAL) has received this morning the experts in tax and legal advice Juan Antonio Pacheco and Manuel orchards who have analyzed against a large group of entrepreneurs in the commercial aspects footwear and prosecutors of the new law on entrepreneurs and their repercussion on the shoe company.

Juan Antonio Pacheco, partner at Garrigues, lawyers and tax advisors and tax expert explained in his speech that "among the novelties presented, in addition to that relating to the new regime of the"patent box", highlight three. Firstly, the possibility of applying with effect January 1, 2013 in certain SMEs, a deduction of ten per cent on the benefits intended for investments. The second aspect to note would be that companies of footwear that enjoy a quite significant deductions for r & d, may opt to apply for advance payment of the same under certain circumstances, well, through compensation without any limit on the quota or even asking for payment to the Government. And thirdly, we should highlight the implementation with effect from 1 January 2014 of the regime of the box step in VAT, which not only it will affect small employers who opt for this regime, they also affect those taxable persons that without opt-out, are recipients of operations which have providers who have opted for the application of this regime", which may not deduct VAT from invoices for these until your payment, having to comply with a series of obligations of administrative and documentary requirements of the standard"

on the other hand, Manuel Pomares, managing partner of Pomares - lawyers, warned that the entrepreneurs law affects all companies, regardless of its size and the business cycle in which they are; and uncovered the novelties of the Act from the point of legal view: "mainly introduces three important developments: one is the figure of the entrepreneur or employer's liability limited, by means of which, the Spanish legislation recognizes the possibility that a debtor will not respond with their usual home, provided that it complies with requirements, including that the housing does not have a value exceeding the 300,000 euros.


Another novelty is the settlement of payments, which is a process of private, prior to bankruptcy, created by the legislature to urge the debtor to reach a payment plan with your creditors. In this task of combining wills, was created a new figure, the bankruptcy mediator. However, the greater impact that will have the law is that it introduces the possibility of the final credits of "fresh start" remission, who in our country has come to be called "second chance", and it will affect the individual entrepreneur, who can see extinguished their liability for debts if you meet certain requirements.

The employer Valencia of footwear, AVECAL adds this new appointment 'Shoes and Breakfast' a new option to its partners that affects the competitiveness of their products and the efficiency of their production processes and the development of its lines of work favour.

In currently the Valencian Association of footwear businessmen representing more than 200 companies that lead the positioning of more than 500 brands of footwear at the national level and, above all, international. The companies of footwear in the Valencian Community, in particular those located in the province of Alicante, agglutinate 65% national footwear production.