European markets account for 83% of the shares of foreign trade of the Valencian footwear exporters in the next five months, according to Cavex


The companies of the Group of exporters of footwear of the Valencian Community, CAVEX, attend more than 30 exhibitions and international showrooms in the second cycle of the calendar. Tomorrow kicks off the circuit's presentation of the designs of the spring-summer 2014 in Garda (Italy).

this Saturday opens the fair of footwear Expo Riva Schuh Garda (Italy) with which begins the second part of the fair calendar of 2013.

Between mid-June and the month of October, the companies belonging to the Group of exporters of footwear of the Valencian Community (CAVEX) will participate in more than thirty foreign promotion fairs and showrooms. To all of them, we must add about 20 events directed to representatives that will take place at the end of the calendar.

Director of CAVEX, Clara Aura, points out that "83% of the international fairs in which will participate the companies of the group will be held in European markets, the main buyers of the footwear manufacturing firms from CAVEX".

Within these competitions, continues Aura, partner companies opt for the promotion of its spring/summer 2014 designs in countries such as Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and France while they also highlight fair quotes from Scandinavia and its area of influence.

As regards the rest of the markets, there will be presence of CAVEX signatures in competitions in the United States, Australia, Canada and China.

Clara accurate Aura that "the increased involvement of companies will continue linked to the major events of the sector as MICAM in Milan (Italy) and GDS Düsseldorf (Germany) but continues the trend of diversification of commercial efforts and bet on fashion fairs where there are exhibition spaces reserved for footwear".

In this regard, the Director of CAVEX points out that "companies are more focused on specific market niches and therefore seek more specialized events where can go to its clients objectives".

"Signature product line is becoming increasingly more studied and focuses on a specific segment and, depending on your customer profile, you will have to opt for being present in those contests most suited to your business needs".

As regards the importance to attend international trade fairs, Aura points "should continue betting on foreign trade because, as we all know, exports are lifeline of footwear companies".

"The sector maintains a very wide customer base and, therefore, the fairs are a very efficient tool because in a short space of time you can meet many traders, close orders and exchange information".

Italy welcomes the first fairs calendar

two Italian fairs: Expo Riva Schuh (Garda) and Pitti Bimbo (Florence) inaugurated the international events for companies from CAVEX.

KMB, I completo London and Unisa firms will participate in Garda from 15 to 18 June while Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Unisa attend the children fair Pitti Bimbo (from 27-29 June). The fairs in the second half of this month are completed with the contest FIMI in Valencia (21-23 June) with presence of Gioseppo and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Fuente: Ediciones Sibila