The footwear sector promises in Russia


analysts predict that in the next three years the footwear in Russia market will continue to grow apace to add a figure close to the 29.180 million euros in 2015.

according to the Russian news portal Retail.Ru, in 2012, the business volume of the footwear in Russia market rebounded 12% on the previous year to reach 21.883 million euros. In the first half of 2013, this sector has continued its upward trajectory, with an evolution of 5% in volume and 7% in interannual rate value.


according to segment
10% of the national market corresponds to high-end shoes, 38% to a medium level and 52% remaining to profile products low, ensures the portal. According to experts, the most promising category is the middle range, which is associated with an increase in per capita income and changes in consumption patterns, since Russian customers give increasingly more importance to brand, style and design.

in 2012, this segment accounted for 8.535 billion euros, with the forecast that 12.690 billion euros by 2015, is set to hold a market share of 44%.

according to channels
according to the same medium, at the end of 2012, the fee for the distribution chains was 35%, of which 20% corresponded to the ten largest sector operators.

on the other hand, in recent years, selling in markets has fallen, although today it represents 40% of total sales in the Russian market. This format continues to have an important presence in the small cities of less than 100,000.

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source: Pinkermoda