Course design, pattern design and digitization of footwear


AEC and Natural formation, set in motion the first technical course in design, pattern design and digitization of footwear to train future professionals in the footwear sector and professionalize modellers present.
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the training programme is distributed into three modules that can be independently.
Module 1: patterns of footwear: 166 hours.
Module 2: digitisation of footwear: 70 hours.
Module 3: Coolhunting fashion trends: 30 hours.

curso: Monday 24 of June. start
Hours: 16:00-20:00 hours from Monday to Friday.

celebracion: place
AEC Spanish Association of business components for footwear
Elche-Parque Empresarial C/Severo Ochoa, 42 - 1st, Elche - Alicante.
T. + 34.965.460.158 Email:
this course can be matched by the tripartite Foundation, and if you're not working, we have special discounts for unemployed, call us and form you.

source: Footwear Components From Spain