Looking for the international standard for the design of footwear


In Elda, Inescop brings the International Committee for Standardization of the marking of the carvings of footwear, which aims to establish solutions to the problem of the size of footwear and sit a future international standard sizes marked.

The rise of new marketing channels, as in the case of online sales, has revealed the problem that exists with the footwear and sizing that it demands the need for an international standard that increase customer satisfaction and reduce costly callbacks caused by a bad fit, at the time that eliminates the technical barriers to trade through the harmonization of marking of size.

therefore, the technological Institute of footwear and related activities, Inescop, welcomes the meeting of the Committee international of Standardization ISO/TC137 on systems of designation and marking of shoe sizes. This meeting, involving experts from different countries of the world such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, China, aims to establish the possible solutions to the current problems of the sizing of footwear, as well as lay the groundwork for a future international standard sizes marked.

The members of the Committee working on the conversion table between sizes, allowing you to convert any size shoe between the different existing systems. In addition, appropriate vocabulary will be defined so that the concepts discussed in this Committee are correctly defined: size, long last, longer than the foot or last width. And finally, the necessary procedure to measure a last, and thus determine its size correctly, as well as how to measure the internal dimensions of the shoe will be established.

"The main problem that the consumer when buying a shoe is with international sizes are equivalent, because that is not the same to buy a shoe in the us than in China or Europe, as each country currently uses a system of different sizes marked (European continental, English, US, China and Japan)." It is necessary therefore to have a table of conversion between different sizing systems so that users do not mistake during the purchase process and there is one greater likelihood of success in the shim", say from Inescop.

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source: Pinkermoda