Cold Viscolast effect trace

template removable anti-cold viscoelastic adaptable to anatomy to planting, creates a personal foot footprint. Absorbs much of the impact energy, to decrease fatigue in the joints. Accelerates the qualities of breathability, absorption and antibacterial avoiding odor. Reinforced with a layer of foam that absorbs sweat and away from the foot. Top sheeting Microfiber technical art, with performance superior to the skin, 100% breathable, with ability to absorb 8 times their weight in water. Its thermoregulatory effect helps keep the foot to the comfort temperature and moisture-free. Its abrasion resistance extends the working life of the template. Final layer of felt to effectively isolates the foot from the cold.


100% breathable, with 8 times their weight in water absorption capacity. Its thermoregulatory effect helps keep feet warm and dry.

1. Absorption.
2. Desorption.

3. Adaptive Viscolast to Anatomy planting, creates a personal mark of the foot. Absorbs much of the impact energy, decreasing fatigue in the joints.

4. Materials selected for their high flexibility, facilitate the natural flexibility of the foot.

5. Felt is an excellent barrier against the cold, isolating the foot of the outdoor temperature.