charcoal, silver ions

antibacterial insole and removable, anti-odor fabric very resistant to abrasion of ions of silver, which help to eliminate bacteria and fungi, cause of the odor. Foam T70, absorbs impacts, which helps reduce fatigue in the joints and absorbs moisture from the foot. Coating finish of special latex of higher density perforated that helps correct ventilation of the foot, with drawing print non-skid which prevents the template to move on the inside of the shoe. Very confortable.


Contiene Silver particles that provide tissue antifungal and antibacterial, properties helping to prevent bad smell.

1.- Extra metatarsal cushioning.
2- Ions of silver.

3.- Absorbe el exceso de humedad del pie.

4- Absorbs impact.

5.- Materiales seleccionados por su alta flexibilidad, facilitan la flexibilidad natural del pie.

6.- Perforated latex, with non-slip print coverage, prevents the plant from moving on the inside of the shoe.